Useful Tips For Property Managers To Handle Tenant Complaints Smartly

Rental-agreementOwning rental property will definitely lead to complaints, and if you are a property manager, you will definitely need to handle complaints in a neutral and innovative way. Even if you have the best tenants on earth, and you maintain and check the property regularly, you will have complaints to deal with. The scope of tenant complaints range from property issues, to even neighbors, and you must know how to solve those issues neutrally.

So, how do you deal with such issues? Here is a quick guide to help you in the process of handling tenant complaints smartly

#1: Effective Handling

When the complaints come in, make sure that they are handled in the effective manner. In order to do that, you need to have good communication with your tenants. This will help the tenants to reach out in case of any problems or any issues.

#2: Tracking System

This is yet another effective way of handling comments or complaints. You need to know who is complaining, and how soon the complaint is being resolved. So, ask your tenants to provide complaints or requests in a written format, and when you have resolved it, provide the answer in a written format. You can also create an official form which will help ease the matter.

#3: Feedback Loop

In addition to keeping written documents and actually recording the complaints, for future references, you need to also record how the issue was handled, and was it resolved in the required manner. You can also make some notes where you mention how the tenant was handled and was he/she satisfied.

#4: Other Issues

three business people talking about contractSometimes, odd problems do creep up. For example, a tenant may complain about the behavior of the other tenant. In this case, approach the tenant on your own, and discuss the problem he/she is causing, rather than leaving it up to the tenant to solve it. However, do not mention the name of the tenant who has brought the issue to your notice. Additionally, if the problem creator, does not listen to you after 2 times, it is better to ask the other tenant to lodge a complaint. Make sure you record the entire process, for future referencing.

So, now that you know about the common issues, and the ways to handle it, you will be able to work more efficiently as a property manager. Have some issues? Drop in a comment with your question

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