The Most Common Maintenance Issues Neglected By Landlords

When it comes to property management, the responsibility of the landlords is not to be undermined. This is because at the end of the day what you as a property manager cannot accomplish, the landlord must take care of that. However, problems and negligence do happen, and these are the most common maintenance issues, which are neglected and yet need to be sorted out.

#1: Smoke Alarms

fire-alarmOne of the basic problems which have been noticed with smoke alarms is that either they are not installed in the property, or the landowner does not check it at regular intervals to see if it is working or not. This is seriously an issue because smoke alarms save lives and hence are an integral part in any building, be it residential or commercial.

#2: Mould

painter-treatment-mould-damageMoulds are one of the basic factors which are not only neglected by the landlords, but also overlooked when brought into their notice. Treating and removing the mould successfully can be a two way approach. Firstly it needs to be removed via intensive cleaning which is the landlord’s responsibility and secondly the recurrence of the mould should be stopped at all costs by maintaining the ventilation and keeping the property clean which is the tenant’s responsibility.

Monitoring the growth of mould is also a shared responsibility. However, at times, it becomes the duty of the landlord or the property owner.

#3: Leaks

Leaks, be it major or minor should be treated as early as possible. Probable leaks should be checked for and taken care of when it comes to treating the tenants in the correct way. If you are a property manager, you should keep in mind to check the property at regular intervals, to make sure that no issues creep up.

So, now that you know about the problems associated with negligence, here is a checklist for you to check

  • Read property’s condition report
  • Inspect the property at regular intervals
  • Go through the owner’s statements to check if anything has been paid for maintenance
  • Read and keep a record of your inspections
  • Ask for photos from previous inspections, or specific items.

Thus, keeping these points in mind, you can definitely make sure that no problems creep up in the long run. After all, if the property manager is not managing things properly, then who will? Have a doubt with things? Go ahead and drop in a comment.

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