Terms & Conditions


All our workmanship is quality guaranteed for lifetime (materials are covered by the manufacturers warranty conditions unless stated otherwise).

Drain Blockages – No Warranty Applies:

  • The presence of root growth or blockages generally indicates damaged pipes. The damage cannot be rectified by simply removing the root growth or cleaning the drain. For that reason removal of the root growth or the blockage alone carries no warranty that similar problem will not recur.
  • We strongly recommend that we carry out a camera survey of the pipe to try and determine the case of the blockage and any repairs or treatment required to help ensure the blockage does not occur.
  • Without full visual verification of our work, there is the possibility that your drain line will re-block. Therefore if we have to return, you will incur further costs associated attempting to unblock your drain line again.
  • Only sections of your drain line that have placed by us can be guaranteed.
  • In some circumstances drain cleaning cables, hoses or fittings can become caught, lodged or break in drain pipes and costs associated with the removal and/or excavation and restoration of surfaces are the responsibility of the customer BUT you will not have to pay to repair any of our equipment.

ServiceMasters Services General Information & Conditions:

  • We have in place Workers Compensation Insurance & Public & Product Liability Insurance.
  • Tradesmen have Work cover Safety Accreditation and are instructed to carry out work to comply with Occupation Health & Safety regulations.
  • The payment terms and general conditions and warranty information on this document apply whether you request, instruct or permit us to carry out the work verbally or in writing.


All care will be taken to minimise disturbance to surrounding surfaces, plants, turf, etc. the need to store materials and carry out required works may, however, necessitate disturbance of surfaces. Our price does not include any restoration work unless specifically stated otherwise.


During the works any changes, variations or extra work carried out, will be at extra cost and the extra cost will be advised to you in order that both parties are aware of these changes and the cost involved.


  • Payment terms are strictly COD unless previous arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Work is to be invoiced and paid for daily, unless previous arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • No retentions should be deducted.
  • Any amount not fully paid with 7 days of the invoice date is subjected to interest at the current Bank VISA Card interest rate and shall be calculated from the invoice date until the date of payment.
  • If your cheque bounces or payment is denied, you are liable to pay all associated costs including, bank fee, legal expenses and cost incurred in recovering the payment.
  • Ownership of goods provided does not transfer until payment has been received in full.

Theft or Vandalism:

No responsibility is accepted for the cost associated with theft, vandalism or accidental damage to our works by others.

Time for Completion:

The work shall be undertaken in a reasonable time or as noted in the documents as an agreed completion date plus extension for delay our control, e.g. weather, materials availability, access etc.

Excavation Work:

  • Unless specifically stated otherwise our price does not include relocating, repairing of any services, rock or obstructions within the excavation.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise an excavation over 1.5 metres deep from the ground surface level will be charged as an extra including cost of trench supports and excavation machinery if required.


We are unable to accept any responsibility for damage to services which occur in the course of the work including but not limited to when saw cutting or drilling through concrete.

Authorities Charges:

Unless specifically stated otherwise authority charges not included in our price (such as Council permits & fees for surface opening or Authority main connection fees).

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