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  • Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical switchboard installation service? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Having your electrical switchboard upgrades completed, or completely changed, is a matter of safety. If your home does not have a quality switchboard installation it can literally mean that your life is in danger. We will ensure that we take whatever measures are required to bring you excellent, professional services for an electrical switchboard upgrade or installation.

We work on switchboard upgrades for home extensions, which can naturally cause complications as regards switchboards and the amount of power required in the home. With all of that new capacity requirement, it can be problematic as regards keeping the home supplied with power and safe at the same time. We have years of experience of assessing current switchboard capacity and providing an upgrade or new installation if required.

We also fit electrical safety switches to switch boards so that you have complete peace of mind as regards the long term safety of the unit.This means you can use the unit with complete assurance.


  • We can install a new switchboard so you get a high quality installation with no problems. Quick and efficient, our switchboard installation service brings you complete peace of mind
  • We can offer upgrades of the existing switchboard in the home, as well as any new wiring that may be required
  • If you have a faulty electrical switchboard, we can take a look and provide you with a professional repair if possible

To find out more about how we can upgrade, repair and install quality switchboards in the Sydney area get in touch today.

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