Property Manager’s Plumbing Checklist

Homeownership or property management can be a great responsibility, and this calls for the most expense which can be incurred. Thus, you need to stay updated about the maintenance around the house and see that all plumbing and other issues have been resolved.

As you already know that preventative measure can be a really helpful in avoiding long term issues as well as bulk maintenance problems, hence it is always prudent to check for issues before they actually start creating problems. In order to do that you need to have a checklist prepared. So, here are the most common plumbing issues which might creep up.

#1: Caulking Issues

plumbing-questionsCaulking can be a problem sometimes. So if you are a property manager, or a property owner, you need to check out the caulking around basins, sinks, subs, showers, and any particular location.

#2: Mildew

Mildew is caused in standing waters, and you need to be careful about that. So, you can always check that in order to avoid further problems.

#3: Water Leaks

Emergency-PlumbingWater leaks can cause minor problems or even major ones depending on the size of the leak. So, it is always prudent to check the leaks before they start creating issues for you. You don’t want to mend a large fissure when the whole area is flooded with water, do you?

#4: Corrosion Issues

If a pipe is corroded, then chances are there that a leak might creep up. You need to take proper care of the corrosion before it causes a leak. A good idea would be to replace it, or apply some water resistant in the corroded area.

#5: Check Toilets

First of all, you need to check if the toilet is moving. Once you have made sure that the toilet is fixed, next check the flush. Also, you need to check the insides of the toilet for any missing or breaking parts and corroded parts. Additionally, make sure that no water is leaking out of the flushes, or the water is not running out of the flush, after you have flushed the toilet. Also, you should make sure that the toilet is not clogged.

#6: Check Sinks

sinkYou should make sure that the sinks are not clogged and the drainage is as it should be. Slow drainage can be caused by a number of factors like bending of the vents, or blocked pipes.

#7: Check for Washing machine Hose

When you are checking the washing machine hose, check it for cracks, brittleness or leaks. The hoses of washing machines are made of reinforced rubber and it can lose its resiliency with time.

#8: Check For Cracked Tiles

Cracked tiles can be hard to mend, and it may happen that you have to replace the whole tiles. So, it is mandatory to check for broken tiles or cracked tiles so that you can replace it before it causes more issues.

#9: Check For Water Heaters

Water heaters should be drained and cleaned to make sure that the sediments which have built up does not cause any problems. Some of the common signs of excessive sediment buildup is rusty waters coming out of fixtures, clothes not being clean in the washing machine, and a decrease in the amount of hot water.

#10: Check Water Pressure

When you have a low water pressure, chances are there that sediments have built up in faucets, hose pipes or the shower heads. You definitely need to clean them up to make sure that it works.
So, now that you know about the checklist, why not go ahead and check all these factors. Do you think anything has been missed out from this? Go ahead and drop in a comment.

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