Property Manager’s Guide To Finding Reliable Tradesmen

Maintenance is a business which requires proper expertise, and can get out of control if you do not know where you are headed; and this is the reason why you need a reliable and proper tradesman who will do the work properly for you.

In case you do not know how to find reliable tradesmen, or are searching for new tradesmen on whom you can rely, here are some tips for you. Remember to choose proper tradesmen, because at the end of the day, if you do not have licensed professional tradesmen with you, then you can be in great danger.

#1: Employ Locals

When it comes to looking for reliable tradesmen, you need to hire locals or within the suburbs. This enables you to talk to the tradesperson, and ensures that he/she will be on – site on time, rather than loitering around. Another advantage would be that they would know about the equipments and the shops of the local region. This is why the tradesperson should at least work in the region, if not reside in that location.

#2: Get More Than One Quote

When you are looking to hire new tradesperson, please make sure that you get more than one quote. After getting the quote, compare them and see which one is suitable. Often it happens that the service provided can be efficient and the price charged is fair. So, keep that in mind as a selection criteria, before actually choosing a low – priced tradesperson and then hiring one more because the tradesperson does not turn up.

#3: Run A Check

After you have shortlisted the required tradesmen, it is prudent to run a check so that you become sure of the people who will work for you. As a property manager, you cannot skip the part where the property owner will be angry at you for not running the checks and hiring non – professional people. So, here’s a checklist for you to check

  • Trade license
  • Insurance Cover
  • White Card
  • Reviews and Feedback: You can Google them
  • Complete reference

#4: Prepare and Use A Contract

It is a good idea to use a contract while you are looking and using a new tradesperson. This enables both of you to work together in a mutually benefitted way, especially if you are working for the first time. Your contract should contain

  • The details of both the parties
  • The license number of the contractor
  • The scope of work
  • Materials to be supplied (if any)
  • The agree price
  • The date and signature of both parties

If the contract value is less than $20,000, then you might be asked to pay 10% of the amount as a deposit.

#5: Look After Your tradesperson

As you know that it is really tough to find a reliable tradesperson, hence, it is your prime duty to look after your tradesperson when you find a suitable one. Maintain good relationship with your tradesperson, and make sure that you pay on time, without any excuses. Don’t leave the payment pending, because if your work was done on time, you should pay on time. Also, appreciate the work done by them, if you are happy with it.

#6: Have a Backup Tradesperson

It may happen that your tradesperson is ill or unable to work on certain day. So, it is always prudent to have a backup, especially in case of emergencies. You should always be prepared for that, and if possible, switch between tradespersons, so that the backup guy does not feel left out or without projects.

Thus, now that you have a checklist prepared for your new tradesperson hire, you can definitely start looking for one, if you are in urgent need. Remember to reach out to local newspapers, vendors and other property managers so that you can get a professional, and complete the work on time. Also, don’t forget to prepare a checklist of the services required, before you contact the tradesperson.

Do you think something is missed out? Let me know in the comments.

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