Most Common Complaints & Appreciation of Property Managers

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Property management like any other profession can be tough at times. Additionally, as a property manager, you need to be open to criticisms and feedback. Unlike, other professionals, a property manager is assessed twice, once from the landlord’s perspective, and secondly from the tenants perspective. Now, that can be tough and frustrating at times, because what the landlord wants, might be feasible or doable, but then you will need to contradict the tenants. So, if you are a property manager, you need to be accustomed to both appreciation and complaints. Although, you know what sort of appreciation you can expect from the property owner, here is a quick list of compiled things.


As always, landlords or property owners might seem hard to please at times, but if you work harder, you might see something good out of it. After all, everyone can be satisfied at some point or the other, all you need to do is find that satisfying point. So, here are the common praises which can be found from the landlords

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  • Quick tenant placements
  • Quality tenant placement
  • Effective property management
  • Professional behavior and communication
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Legal understanding and finer dealing with tenants

However, if you are ready for the praise, you need to be ready for the complaints also. These are some of the common complaints of the property owners

  • Delayed reaction to emails and calls
  • Failure to promptly send out checks
  • Excessive fees, unexpected maintenance charges
  • Incompetent maintenance staff
  • Slow Tenant placement
  • Low quality tenant placement


You have heard the property owners complaints, now perhaps, its time to understand the common complaints of the tenants

  • rental-property-management-tenantsLong Standing maintenance requests – Tenants sometimes feel ignored when their requests are not processed out. Additionally, they might feel that the property manager is providing service to another tenant with the professional excuse.
  • Run Down Issues – This happens when the tenants face with a problem. Needless to say, more sever the problem, more explosive and colorful review and feedback you will get.
  • Rejection of upgrade or maintenance requests
  • Hard to get hold of the manager
  • Delayed response to emails and calls
  • Failure to return all or a part of the security deposit
  • Rent increase – too often, or too high
  • Unfair enforcement of lease violations, evictions and fees
  • Use of bait & switch technique – showing a unit different than the original unit, misleading information
    Poor interpersonal skills

Compared to the above list, the praiseworthy points are really few, but here they are

  • Friendly staff
  • Understanding and caring property Manager
  • Quick response to maintenance requests

Generally, it is not a surprise that the list of complaints for the property manager is greater than the list of praises from the tenants and the property owners; but perspectives do differ from person to person. Also, the review of the tenants do matter because they are equally important in shaping up the atmosphere of property management.

So, at the end of the day, property management can be tough and challenging, but as a property manager, you don’t get bored with your work. Isn’t that great? Drop in a comment with your perspective.

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