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  • Kitchen Plumbing

Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and you need the very best people to work on it when plumbing in the kitchen is required. Whether it’s ensuring the dishwasher has the water it needs, or seeing to a leaking tap, you can be certain of a high quality kitchen plumbing service that gets your kitchen back to normal in no time.

You may even have an emergency, and our plumbers are equally capable of handling such an event. Quick and efficient, and able to manage small and large emergencies with ease, they will step in and take charge. Before you know it, the problem will be removed and you can get back on with your life.

Our plumbers are some of the best around, having been trained to very high standards and practising for many years in the industry, they can spot problems, give advice,and of course create solutions.

We can bring you:

  • Taps and mixers leak repairs and installation that is quick and completely free of mess
  • Waste pipe installation that is non-disruptive.
  • Kitchen sink installation that takes care of the hard work of installing your sink. We even deal with a blocked sink too
  • Unblocking of drains that is sympathetic to the fact you have a home to run

Kitchen leaks

Is the pipe under your sink leaking? We’ll be there same day, and we’ll repair or replace that leaking pipe so you can get on with your life. To help even further, we will check all the other fixtures in your property to ensure the problem isn’t bigger.

Blocked sink

Is the water in your sink staying there? That must be a blocked sink. We can unblock your sink on the same day so that you get a free-flowing sink service. It doesn’t matter what kind of bowl you have, we can accommodate it in our service.


Is it getting to be a pain to repair your fixtures? We can do it all for you, from taps to dishwashers. If you want to upgrade your kitchen, we can supply and install a kitchen to help you find your perfect home.

To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today.

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