It’s time to make your maintenance workflow mobile enabled!

Smartphones are considered the new age convenient technology and a need of the present generation. You always turn to a smartphone when you don’t have a specific information, or you cannot find a location; and even while looking for time. Now, when you are a property manager, there are chances that you are managing the rents offline or through some online rental applications, but have you thought of trying out the mobile version? If not, then here are some perfect reasons to switch over.

#1: Speeding Up

When you are trying to maintain the whole process offline or through a software, a lot of time is wasted in the way. Also, when the maintenance tradesperson wait for your to send in the work, or from his/her maintenance supervisor, the process becomes time – consuming. However, if you shift to mobile workflow, like AppFolio Apps then , you can be sure of saving some time in the middle.

#2: Less Paperwork

Needless to say, when you shift to a maintenance workflow which is mobile enabled, you need not go over the paperwork which is there. For example, when the tenants reach out with their complaints, you might need to write it down somewhere before contacting your tradesperson. However, when you have a mobile system like DIY Landlord – Property Management, you need not do that. Also, when you have a maintenance workflow which is mobile enabled, anyone from anywhere can login and check the workflow, which leaves no room for confusion.

#3: Increase Tenant Satisfaction

With an Yardi app on their smartphone, tenants can very easily submit the maintenance request as and when they require the service, without waiting for you or the maintenance guy to answer their phone calls. This makes the process much easier to manage, and also provides satisfaction to the tenants. At the same time, young tenants will be really happy with this system, because the generation is more prone to technology than other adults.

#4: Reduction of Cost

With the digital workflow, you can calibrate the process easily and fine tune it to make it work properly. You can also measure the time spent on each work and can also save time with the RentTracker Property Management App. As a property manager, you can very easily use the saved time for marketing or for other benefits which you did not find time for earlier.

#5: Being Information Savvy

Having the information and that too in a secured format can increase your power, if you use it in the correct way. You can also save time spent in preparing invoices, reports and maintaining the workflow. Additionally, you do get the insight which is required. The time which is spent on preparing the invoices, and reports or getting an insight can be used for some other purpose.

So, with the help of mobile maintenance management, you can be sure of saving a lot of time, and effort on your part. Additionally, you can also have access to information on – the – go, which is seriously helpful, especially if you are travelling.

Have you experienced any challenges while managing maintenance requests? Do let us know in the comment section.

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