How To Handle Repairs The Right Way

Repairing forms an integral part in the life of the property manager and as a property manager, you will need to have the repair staff ready for emergency issues. When it comes to the requested service from the tenants, most property owners shirk out of responsibility and it automatically falls on the property managers. However, as a property manager, you cannot shirk away the responsibility, so the best way to manage the situation is to have a repair professional ready. Additionally, if you are looking for some extra pointers, here are some ideas for you.

#1: Repairs & Maintenance Are Different

property-managerYou should not confuse maintenance issues or services with repair services. For example cleaning, carpeting, and changing or light bulbs are maintenance issues. However, taking care of sudden water leaks from the roof, piping issues, or repairing an air conditioner can be termed as repair service. Since these are the repair services, hence it should be done only by the verified professionals or specific contractors, so you as a property manager need to take care of that.

#2: Don’t Allow Tenants To Handle Repairs

As with everything, a professional approach saves a lot of time and effort on your part. So, it is always good to go for a professional contractor when it comes to repair service. Allowing the tenants to handle the repair, no matter how confident they are will definitely cause chaos and issues with the property owner, and you being the manager should be diplomatic enough to avoid such conflicts.

#3: Always Ask For Invoice

property-manager-qualitesWhen you are going for a trained professional, you need to always ask for invoice prior paying. This will help you to produce the bill, and also make sure of the fact that the repair person has a fixed price for a known service.

So, now that you know about the ways to handle repairs the right way, you will definitely be a step ahead from the other property managers.

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