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Unfortunately, the life expectancy of a full electrical wiring of a house is around 20 years. When you consider that many of us live in homes older than that, this is an obvious cause for concern. The only way to be sure that you are in a safe building when it comes to electrical wiring is to have a qualified electrician visit, assess, and identify a need for a full house rewiring. Many homeowners are recognising that this is not only something that is preferable, it is essential.

However, some homeowners find the prospect of a full house rewiring rather daunting. They see it as a huge job (which it is) and one that can cost thousands. This is not always the case, and we are proud to say that we work hard and efficiently to bring you a satisfactory (not to mention safe)house rewiring quickly. We also work hard to ensure it is cost-effective rather than prohibitive.

If your electrical wiring in your home was installed in the 1970s, there is a very good chance that it is not capable of handling the electronic demands of much of our present day devices and equipment. To counter any issues in this area, or if you are just concerned about rewiring an old house, contact us today and ask about our rewiring services.

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