Useful Tips For Property Managers To Handle Tenant Complaints Smartly

Owning rental property will definitely lead to complaints, and if you are a property manager, you will definitely need to handle complaints in a neutral and innovative way. Even if you have the best tenants on earth, and you maintain and check the property regularly, you will have complaints to deal with. The scope of tenant complaints range ... More

Who Are You – Realtor Or Property Manager?

The job of being a property manager can be tough. This is not only because you will have to manage people, and property, but also because of the different types of work that you need to do on a regular basis. As such, you might get confused with the facts if you are a property manager or a realtor. So, before you actually take the plunge as a ... More

The Most Common Maintenance Issues Neglected By Landlords

When it comes to property management, the responsibility of the landlords is not to be undermined. This is because at the end of the day what you as a property manager cannot accomplish, the landlord must take care of that. However, problems and negligence do happen, and these are the most common maintenance issues, which are neglected and ... More

How To Avoid 10 Biggest Property Management Mistake?

Life as a property management can be really tough and busy. Juggling between things and maintaining a smile in case of dire issues can also be something which you need to master in order to work as a property manager. Buy hey! That’s what makes life as a property manager interesting, isn’t it? So, if you are a property manager, and are ... More

How To Handle Repairs The Right Way

Repairing forms an integral part in the life of the property manager and as a property manager, you will need to have the repair staff ready for emergency issues. When it comes to the requested service from the tenants, most property owners shirk out of responsibility and it automatically falls on the property managers. However, as a property ... More

Most Common Complaints & Appreciation of Property Managers

Property management like any other profession can be tough at times. Additionally, as a property manager, you need to be open to criticisms and feedback. Unlike, other professionals, a property manager is assessed twice, once from the landlord’s perspective, and secondly from the tenants perspective. Now, that can be tough and frustra... More

How To Turn Your Maintenance Team Into An Effective Marketing Tool

When it comes to property management and maintenance, you cannot actually deny the fact that promotion is an essential factor. So, the basic question that might arise is what are the ways of promoting your own self and the services you offer? Well, there are a lot of options as such, but you need to see which one is suitable for you. Among ... More

It’s time to make your maintenance workflow mobile enabled!

Smartphones are considered the new age convenient technology and a need of the present generation. You always turn to a smartphone when you don’t have a specific information, or you cannot find a location; and even while looking for time. Now, when you are a property manager, there are chances that you are managing the rents offline or ... More

Property Manager’s Guide To Finding Reliable Tradesmen

Maintenance is a business which requires proper expertise, and can get out of control if you do not know where you are headed; and this is the reason why you need a reliable and proper tradesman who will do the work properly for you. In case you do not know how to find reliable tradesmen, or are searching for new tradesmen on whom you can ... More

Property Manager’s Plumbing Checklist

Homeownership or property management can be a great responsibility, and this calls for the most expense which can be incurred. Thus, you need to stay updated about the maintenance around the house and see that all plumbing and other issues have been resolved. As you already know that preventative measure can be a really helpful in avoiding ... More