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Choose the Right People to deal with your Blocked Drains Sydney

If there is anything more unpleasant and upsetting than blocked drain Sydney property, we find it hard to imagine what that could possibly be. Smelly, and damaging to the structure of the property, blocked drains Sydney need to be dealt with quickly and effectively.

And that is where we come in.

An emergency with your drains can feel like nothing short of a disaster. Sometimes the sewage can literally flood your garden. Our Blocked drain Sydney professionals will assess the situation, and get down to the work of cleaning up and fixing quickly.


We often use a jet blaster to clear drains, but sometimes we resort to a CCTV camera drain survey to find the clog. This CCTV work is the quickest way to find a clog.

High pressure jetting

This clears any blocked drains very quickly. The supple jet can make it’s way through the most complex of pipes. The jet then applies a forceful pressure to clear up any clogging. Most materials, including tree roots, can be blown away.

Chemical cleaning

With some of the most powerful chemicals in the industry, we can clear even the toughest of tree roots. The chemical treatments are so strong they will stop trees from ever growing again, while remaining safe for pets and children.

Electric Eel

This is a truly formidable piece of equipment, perfect for cutting away at deep roots.The eel can reach up to 60 m in length and can clear a pipe of a build-up of roots.

We are experts in unblocking a drain, so it doesn’t matter how big the problem is. Even with more modern drainage systems, we have all the expertise and skills you need to deal with a clogged drain.

At the same time, your safety is our number one priority. We will assess the problem and fix the drain quickly, while at the same time working hard to ensure the health risks of any blockage are minimized or removed.

If you were to look inside our trucks, you would see that we have all the equipment and technology required to identify the problem, and deal with it fast.

Looking for blocked drain Sydney experts? Contact us today find out how blocked drain Sydney experts will unblock and help remove any stinky smell on the same day without charging you a fortune!

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