Redfern residents! ServiceMasters are your new one-stop home repair shop! 1800 761 968 is our number, save it!

Plumbing Redfern

Plumbing issues out of whack? ServiceMasters will get you back on track. We’ll fix anything from blocked sewers and drains to gas fittings. We’ll plug your leaks and service your septic tanks. Our expert plumbers will guarantee it’ll all be done with the best materials and the best of prices too.

Electrician Redfern

Groping around in the dark? Call ServiceMasters! We’re open 24/7 to help you with any electrical issue you may have. Groping around for money to pay your exorbitant electricity bills? We’ll help you out again by checking your house for faulty wiring, upgrading your switchboard and installing a surge protector.

Renovations Redfern

Redo and revive your house with ServiceMasters! We promise a pain-free experience that you’ll want to share with your friends. Our renovator experts use the best materials, keep track of costs and keep an eye on your specifications. Most importantly, we also keep an eye on your deadline.

Carpet Cleaning Redfern

When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned? ServiceMasters knows it’s not something people think about, so we do it for you! Send any floor covering to us and we’ll clean and sanitize them for you with our top quality equipment and cleaning agents. Your carpets will come back fluffy, fresh and clean, every time.

Air-conditioning Redfern

Has your air conditioner given up on cooling you down? Call ServiceMasters and we’ll revive it with a clean, a fix-up or a complete overhaul. Our team of air conditioner experts have the know-how and the materials to deal with any kind of air conditioner, and we guarantee great service and a reasonable price.

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