Call ServiceMasters and we guarantee all your house repair issues will be dealt with. The number is 1800 761 968, make sure you save it!

Plumbing Putney

Mysterious dripping sounds freaking you out? Don’t call Ghostbusters, call ServiceMasters! We’ll uncover the culprit and put you at ease. We can also unblock mysterious blockages and solve mysteriously high water bills by re-piping your house. Rest assured our expert plumbers will do it all at a reasonable price.

Electrician Putney

More mysteries abound with your electricity bill? Our expert electrical team can help you this time. They’ll find and fix faulty wiring, update your switchboard and install surge protectors to arrest the escaping electricity. The only mystery they won’t solve is how they manage to keep their rates down while their service and materials are so high quality!

Renovations Putney

Had bad experiences with renovators in the past? Don’t worry, ServiceMasters aims to solve your renovation problems, not give you more! When you hire us for the job, our expert renovators will check in with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the best materials at a good price, all your specifications met, and a quality job done on time.

Carpet Cleaning Putney

At ServiceMasters, we understand your children are important to you. That’s why we offer a convenient and effective carpet cleaning system that uses the best equipment and cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your carpets. Send them to us, or call us to come, we’ll clean up your carpets so that your children can be happy and healthy!

Air-conditioning Putney

Is your air conditioner not doing its job? Don’t get mad, maybe it’s old and overworked. Call ServiceMasters to clean, repair or overhaul your unit until it cools you properly again. If it really needs help, we can install another one for you to help keep you calm, cool and collected.

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