Call ServiceMasters to find out what home repairs we can do. We bet it’s just about anything! The number is 1800 761 968, save it now!

Plumbing Prairiewood

Our list of plumbing services include:

  • Any interior or exterior plumbing
  • Septic tank services
  • Unblocking sewers and drains
  • Pipe leaks

Our team of plumbers will handle any job professionally, with good quality materials, and they won’t charge a bomb for it, that’s a guarantee!

Electrician Prairiewood

Don’t want to waste money paying crazy electricity bills? Who does? Call ServiceMasters to see where the money is going. We’ll trace and fix faulty wiring, change your switchboard and install a surge protector and you’ll be amazed the next time your electricity bill comes along!

Renovations Prairiewood

Been feeling down lately? Time for a change! Call ServiceMasters and we’ll help you change your house around to get you back into your groove. For a team of experts, no job is too big or too small. We come to all of them with professionalism, good materials and a good price.

Carpet Cleaning Prairiewood

Children rolling around in a soft, fluffy carpet is such a cute sight, but don’t let them roll around in dust and allergens! Send your carpets to us for a good cleaning and sanitization, and then you can rest easy. We use the best equipment and child-friendly detergent, so you really don’t have to worry.

Air-conditioning Prairiewood

A good air conditioner is a must during those hot, sweltering summers. Get ServiceMasters to clean, fix or overhaul your unit before those heat-waves hit and you won’t regret it. If you find one unit isn’t enough, we’ll find another that’s suited to your need and help you install it too.

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