We are a new one-stop home repair shop in Plumpton! ServiceMasters is our name and home repairs is our game! Call us now at 1800 761 968!

Plumbing Plumpton

Caught in the shower with no water? Wrap a towel around and call ServiceMasters now! We’ll get your water back on, quick as anything. No plumbing job can stump us, we can handle septic tank servicing, gas fitting and pipe rerouting. We’ll do it all at a reasonable price, just for you!

Electrician Plumpton

Finding your electricity bills too high? It’s probably faulty wiring. We’ll find the culprit and fix it. We’ll upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector too, to help keep those bills down. Don’t worry about quality, we always use the best materials. And don’t worry about pricing, we’ll give you the best too!

Are your bills too high? It could be faulty wiring. We’ll check it out for you and fix it up. We’ll also change your switchboard and install surge protection if you need it. Service Master’s electricians are experts and we use the best materials, and our pricing is good too.

Renovations Plumpton

Want to renovate your home? ServiceMasters will give you expert advice on the best way to do it. Expert renovators from our company will help you all along the way, keeping to specifications, choosing the best materials and keeping to the deadlines for you.

Carpet Cleaning Plumpton

If you’re going to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet on your floor soon, congratulations! We know you’ve got a lot to think about, so send your carpets to us for a wash and sanitization. Our team of carpet cleaning experts use the best equipment and detergents to spruce up your carpets so you don’t have to worry about hygiene.

Air-conditioning Plumpton

Melting down is no fun. That’s why you should call ServiceMasters to come check your air conditioner before the full force of summer hits. Our air conditioning experts will check, clean repair or overhaul your air condition to your cool satisfaction, and we won’t charge a bomb for it.

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