Picton now has it’s very own one-stop home repair shop! Introducing … ServiceMasters! Call us at 1800 761 968 to find out what services we offer.

Plumbing Picton

ServiceMasters can help you with whatever plumbing job you need done, just call us and tell us the problem! Our expert plumbers with be right over to fix that leaky pipe, unblock that drain or re-pipe your whole house. And we’ll do it all with the best materials and for a reasonable price!

Electrician Picton

If things go dark in the middle of the night, don’t call TAPS, call ServiceMasters! Chances are it’s not a supernatural occurrence, just faulty wires. Our expert electricians will fix it up in no time so that you can sleep in peace. Our rates won’t scare you either! And we’ll definitely use only the best materials.

Renovations Picton

Got wanderlust? Don’t drop everything and go, maybe a change of scenery is all you need! Ask ServiceMasters to help you with renovating your house and then you’ll feel happy to stay at home! We’ll guide you through from design to completion, use the best materials and we won’t charge you a cent more than we should.

Carpet Cleaning Picton

Hay fever is the pits, we know! Did you know that the dust and allergens trapped in your carpet might be causing most of your sniffly blues? Send your carpets to us and let us clean and sanitise it for you. We’ll use top-notch equipment and high quality products to help you banish those pesky particles.

Air-conditioning Picton

Air conditioners need a service every once in a while to keep you calm and them cool. If they start leaking, they won’t do their job of cooling you down. Call ServiceMasters to send over an air conditioner expert and they’ll fix the leak and make sure your air conditioner is in tip-top condition.

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