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Just make one call and ServiceMasters will fix up any household repairs. Call us today at 1800 761 968 and ask up about our services!

Plumbing Picnic Point

Dripping taps and leaky faucets driving you crazy? Our expert plumbers can help! We’ll fix whatever the problem is so you don’t have to visit a psychiatrist. We can also help with gas fittings, blockages and septic tank cleaning, and we charge a reasonable rate, so call us now!

Electrician Picnic Point

Faulty wires drive up your electricity bill, so have us come over to check your electricity system for leaks. We’ll pinpoint and solve the problem, as well as change your old switchboard and install a surge protector so you’ll never have to pay another high bill.

Renovations Picnic Point

Want a spare guest room for visitors? Call ServiceMasters to help you! We’ll guide you through the process, helping you with costs, materials and co-ordination until the job is complete. We’ll keep an eye on the deadline to make sure it’s done on time for your first visitor too!

Carpet Cleaning Picnic Point

Health is so important to us, but we sometimes overlook the hidden health hazards in our own houses. Carpets trap dust and allergens that could be making your family sick. Let ServiceMasters clean and sanitize your carpet with our top-end equipment and high quality cleaning agents, then you can relax and enjoy a dust-free living room.

Air-conditioning Picnic Point

We all enjoy a nice tan in the warm summer sun, but when it gets too hot, we’d rather hide in a cool room. If your room doesn’t seem cool enough, it could be a faulty air conditioner. ServiceMasters’ air conditioning experts will find the problem and clean, fix or overhaul your unit to cool you down again.

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