Petersham, ServiceMasters will help you with your every home repair need! Call 1800 761 968 to find out about our services.

Plumbing Petersham

When you call our expert plumbers to your house, we’ll do the job with professional care and make sure you don’t call us back for the same job! We can fix any leak, unblock your drain or sewer, re-pipe your house and clean your septic tank. We can do more, just ask us for our list of services.

Electrician Petersham

If your TV blanks out in the middle of your favourite show, don’t throw the remote control at it! Grab the phone instead and call ServiceMasters to rush over and fix the problem. Our expert electricians can also help you save money … ask them to check your house for faulty wiring, upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector for you.

Renovations Petersham

Envious of your friend’s newly renovated house? Do something about it! ServiceMasters will work with you every step of the way to ensure the job goes smoothly. We’ll look into good pricing, quality materials and, of course, your deadline! You’ll be happy when it’s your turn to invite your friends over.

Carpet Cleaning Petersham

ServiceMasters believes that health is wealth, so that’s why we use the best equipment and healthiest cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your carpets. We guarantee that when you send them to us, you’ll get them back fluffy, soft and germ-free. And it doesn’t take much to buy health at our reasonable rates.

Air-conditioning Petersham

Your energy is sucked out by the heat of summer, so if you want to keep the bounce in your step, make sure ServiceMasters come to clean, repair or overhaul your air conditioner. A clean well-running unit also doesn’t suck out as much electricity, saving you money in the long-run.

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