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Pennant Hills

If you live in Pennant Hills and have a problem with home repair, ServiceMasters can help you with any home repair job!

Plumbing Pennant Hills

Wasting water because of a leak? Call us over at 1800 761 968! We’ll plug it up for you. We can handle any plumbing job you need done, just ask us for a full list of services. It’s always done with professional care, top quality materials, and at a good price.

Electrician Pennant Hills

Unless you’re getting ready for a Halloween party, a dark house is no fun. ServiceMasters are on call day and night to help you out with any electrical issue, so give us a call! Expert electricians will assist you with your basic electrical problems. We’ll also save you money with surge protection installations, switchboard upgrades and electrical shortage identification.

Renovations Pennant Hills

Our renovation experts are at your disposal when you renovate with us. We’ll guide you through any job, big or small, and we will do it on time, every time! We don’t skimp on the materials we use, and we promise you a good price. What more do you want?

Carpet Cleaning Pennant Hills

Constantly sneezing your head off? You might be allergic to something in your carpet. Send it over to us for a good clean and sanitization to clear your nose and throat so you can breathe easy again. We guarantee that we use excellent cleaning equipment and detergents that won’t tickle your nose even further!

Air-conditioning Pennant Hills

Air conditioners are supposed to keep us cool, but they can make us boil instead. ServiceMasters will send an air conditioner expert over as soon as you call to clean, repair or overhaul your unit. Is it still not cool enough on a very hot summer’s day? We’ll install another one for you!

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