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Plumbing Parramatta

Where’s the water? Call ServiceMasters, we’ll help you solve the mystery and get it back in time for a shower! We’ll also deal with all other types of water mysteries, we’re plumbing experts, after all. What won’t be a mystery is how professional we are, how good the materials we use are, and how reasonable our prices are kept.

Electrician Parramatta

Why is my electricity bill so high? Another mystery that calls for another set of experts. Electrician detectives will handle this case, and rest assured they’ll arrest the culprit in no time. It’s probably the usual suspects, anyway, faulty wires, an inefficient switchboard and power surges. And as usual there’s no mystery that we charge good rates.

Renovations Parramatta

Cut time and cost, not corners and quality, we say here at ServiceMasters, and we mean what we say. Our expert renovators will always keep an eye on materials sourced, quality of the work and the price, but we’ll ensure that the deadline is kept in our timely fashion.

Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

Is your child’s nose constantly running? It might not be a cold, it could be allergens in the house. The biggest contributor to household allergens is the carpet. Clean it now at ServiceMasters and we guarantee that our high quality equipment and cleaning agents will banish whatever it is that’s causing hay fever. And if you can’t bring it to us, we’ll come to you.

Air-conditioning Parramatta

It’s hot, hot, hot outside, so you should stay cool, cool, cool inside with a clean and efficiently running air conditioner. ServiceMasters can get it ship shape for you, and if you need a new one, we’ll also be the ones setting you up.

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