What do you do if your house gives you problems? Call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968! We’ll be right over to help you in any way we can.

Plumbing Paddington

If you’ve ever had a burst pipe, you’ll know it’s no fun at all. ServiceMasters has got you covered with our plumbers expertise and quick call response time. They can reroute pipes through your whole house without batting an eyelid, and they’ll do it quickly, properly and at a reasonable price.

Electrician Paddington

Children screaming because the lights went out? Quick! Give us a call and we’ll zoom right over! Husband or wife screaming about high electricity bills? Call us and we’ll appease them by checking for faulty wiring, installing surge protectors and changing your switchboard. Seems like we help families be happier all round.

Renovations Paddington

Renovations can be daunting, so be reassured that when you renovate with ServiceMasters, we take the burden off you. Our expert renovators consult with you all the way through the process and ensure that you’re getting the best quality materials and the best quality of work at the best price.

Carpet Cleaning Paddington

No amount of vacuuming or beating can clear all the particles that get trapped in your carpets. You need to get a professional cleaner to bust all the dust. ServiceMasters are the answer with our up-to-date equipment and high-grade cleaning agents. Your carpets can’t fit into your car? We can come to you!

Air-conditioning Paddington

Broken air conditioner?Sweltering heat outside? Better call ServiceMasters! We’ll come right over and fix or just clean your air conditioner to get it up and running to cool you down. If you need a new one, it might take longer, but don’t worry, we’ll get you the best-suited machine for your needs at a reasonable price.

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