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ServiceMasters is here to cater to your every home repair need! Call 1800 761 968 to find out about our services.

Plumbing Oyster Bay

Our expert plumbers know their way around plumbing, so rest assured when you call them, they will find and fix a leak. They will unblock your drains, and they will re-pipe your house. In fact, they will handle any plumbing job you throw at them and they’ll do it well, with good materials, and at a reasonable price.

Electrician Oyster Bay

Watching your favourite programme on the telly and it goes on the blink? Don’t throw the remote at it, call ServiceMasters now! We’ll zoom right over and fix it for you so you can catch up on the rest of the action. Our expert electricians can also save you money by checking for faulty wiring, changing your switchboard and installing surge protectors.

Renovations Oyster Bay

Put the zing back in your swing with a newly renovated home! Don’t worry, our expert team will work with you every step of the way, from design to completion. They’ll choose the best materials, do the job right and do it on time, because they know you’ll want to show it off as soon as possible!

Carpet Cleaning Oyster Bay

Health is wealth, some wise man said, and we at ServiceMasters live by that rule. That’s why, when you send your carpets to us, we send them back dust and allergen free, smelling fresh and feeling fluffy after having gone over them with our modern equipment and top-quality cleaning agents. And you don’t need much to buy health at our reasonable rates.

Air-conditioning Oyster Bay

Sweltering summers suck your energy so it’s nice to step into a cool air-conditioned room at home. ServiceMasters will make sure your air conditioner does the job every time by cleaning, repairing or replacing your machine. Our experts will advise you and make sure you get it all at a good price.

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