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Oxford Falls

ServiceMasters are the people to turn to if you have any household repair job. Call us at 1800 761 968 for a full list of services now!

Plumbing Oxford Falls

ServiceMasters knows plumbing inside and out. Some of the things we can deal with:

  • Toilet, kitchen or bathroom issues
  • Septic tank services
  • Blocked sewers and drains
  • Pipe leaks

Whatever it is, we’ll get it done right, at a good price, and with the best quality materials.

Electrician Oxford Falls

If your lights go out in the middle of the night, call us, we’re open 24 hours! Our electricity experts will come get your lights back on. We can also help you check for faulty wiring, change your switchboard and install surge protectors. Basically, if it’s something electrical, we can handle it!

Renovations Oxford Falls

A change is always welcome, even in the most comfortable homes. Let ServiceMasters guide you through the process to make it a pain-free and happy experience. Relax while our experts find the best materials for the job, get it all done on time, and get it done right.

Carpet Cleaning Oxford Falls

Sneezing a lot lately? Time for a carpet wash! Send us your floor coverings, or call us to come over, either way we’ll use the best equipment and the highest quality cleaning agents to clean and sanitize to get you clog-free and breathing easier. Good rates are guaranteed!

Air-conditioning Oxford Falls

Do you feel like a melting ice-cream on a hot summer’s day? Your air conditioner needs a looking-at. Call ServiceMasters to come today and our team of experts will check your machine out. They’ll clean it, fix it or replace it with a new one, all at a good price and with the best quality materials.

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