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ServiceMasters will solve your household repair problems in no time! Call us at 1800 761 968 now!

Plumbing Orchard Hills

ServiceMasters will help you out of any plumbing fix, be it blocked drains or dirty septic tanks. We’ll fix any internal or external problems, and rest assured our experts will do it all at a reasonable price. Expect professional and prompt service? That’s what you’ll get from us!

Electrician Orchard Hills

Let us light up your life by saving you money on electricity bills. How do we do this? By checking for and fixing electricity leaks, changing your switchboard and installing a surge protector unit. We have an expert team who use the best materials and charge you a good rate.

Renovations Orchard Hills

Ready for a change? We can help you renovate your house. ServiceMasters’ expert renovators know what they are doing, so they’ll always choose the best materials and still keep the cost down. They’ll make sure the job is done right, and done on time, every time!

Carpet Cleaning Orchard Hills

Carpets trap a lot of dust and allergens, so let us come clean yours every once in a while. We guarantee you’ll see the different after we’ve used our high quality equipment and detergents to clean and sanitize your carpets. You’ll also feel the different in the new bounce in your step.

Air-conditioning Orchard Hills

Leaky air conditioners suck up electricity so our air conditioner experts can help you save money by fixing and serving your machines. You’ll really cool down in the results, and you’ll stay cool when the bill comes! Our air conditioner experts can also advise you on the best air conditioner for your needs, and install it properly for you.

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