Call ServiceMasters to do anything around the house, we’re here for you 24/7!

Plumbing Orangeville

Want to save on water? Get us to fix those leaky pipes. Our expert plumbers will make sure everything is sealed up. They can also service your septic tank or unblock your drain or sewer, just let them know the problem. Rest assured it will all be done with good materials and at a reasonable price.

Electrician Orangeville

Did your teenage son’s amplifier short the house’s electricity? Not a problem, call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968 and our electrician experts will get you reconnected in o time. We can also help you find electricity leaks, change your switchboard and install surge protectors to keep you electricity bills down.

Renovations Orangeville

Changes are good for us, so why not renovate your house for a fresh start? ServiceMasters will help you through it. Our renovation experts will make sure it’s all done to your specifications, at a good price, with the best materials, and within the specified time.

Carpet Cleaning Orangeville

Dog hair driving you crazy? Send your carpets to ServiceMasters and not only will we vacuum the hairs out, we’ll give the carpets a good wash and sanitization with our up-to-date equipment and high-quality cleaning agents. They’ll come back to you smelling fresh and clean.

Air-conditioning Orangeville

Air conditioner giving you trouble? ServiceMasters will check it out for you! Whether the problem is big or small, we’ll find the most cost-efficient way to deal with it. And if you need to buy a new one, we’ll consult with you to find the best fit. All in all, we’ll get you cool and comfortable with the minimum of fuss.

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