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Old Guildford

ServiceMasters can do any household repairs you require, just call us to see what services we can offer you!

Plumbing Old Guildford

Plumbing issues? We’ll solve the problem! We’ll fix your house plumbing from bathroom to kitchen at a reasonable cost, and our experts will do it with care and attention. If you need septic tank servicing or gas fitting, we can handle those too … no job is too big for us!

Electrician Old Guildford

If you’ve been noticing higher electricity bills, get ServiceMasters to come have a look at your wires … you may be having a leak. We can help you save money by upgrading your switchboard and installing surge protection equipment as well. We’re available 24/7, so call us at 1800 761 968 any time of the day.

Renovations Old Guildford

Switch things up in your house by calling ServiceMasters over to help you renovate your house into a beautiful new showpiece! We’ll do it at a reasonable fee, but make sure we use the best materials and send you our best renovating experts. And, best of all, we’ll do it on time!

Carpet Cleaning Old Guildford

A clean carpet means a healthy family, so get ServiceMasters to help you keep your family healthy. Our expert carpet cleaners will come over and clean and sanitize your carpet at a reasonable price. We use the best equipment and family-friendly detergents to keep it safe for everyone.

Air-conditioning Old Guildford

Feeling the heat on a hot summers day? Get ServiceMasters to come check your air conditioner, it may need a fix or a clean. We can get it cool again, and you can keep your cool with our reasonable charges. Our air conditioner experts can also recommend and install suitable new machines for you, if you need.

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