Oatley residents! Call your new one-stop home repair shop to find out what we can do for you around the house!

Plumbing Oatley

Plumbing issues out of whack? ServiceMasters will get you back on track with anything from blocked sewers and drains to gas fittings. We’ll plug your leaks and service your septic tanks. And all at a maximum of service and expertise, and a minimum of fuss and cost.

Electrician Oatley

Our expert electricians will help you out if you find yourself in the dark. We’ll also help you save money by checking your house for electricity leaks and upgrading your switchboards. We can come to your electrical assistance 24/7 and we come quick and at a reasonable price!

Renovations Oatley

Everybody needs a change, but instead of going away for a trip, why not redo your home? ServiceMasters can help you renovate to give you a beautiful new space at a reasonable price. Our expert renovators won’t cut corners or use less than the best materials, and we’ll make sure it’s all done in time.

Carpet Cleaning Oatley

If you want to enjoy a clean and healthy house, you have to clean your carpets. It’s not easy to do yourself, though, so call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 956and we’ll come clean them for you. We’ll sanitise them too with our state-of-the-art equipment and high quality cleaning agents. We can handle any sized carpet, not a problem!

Air-conditioning Oatley

Has your air conditioner gone bust? We can fix it! We can clean it too, so that it will work to it’s best capacity to cool you down. Our tem of air conditioner experts have the know-how and the materials to deal with any kind of air conditioner, and we guarantee great service and a reasonable price.

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