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North Wollongong

Residents of North Wollongong, ServiceMasters is here at your service! Call us now at 1800 761 968!

Plumbing North Wollongong

Having plumbing issues? Our expert plumbers will sort you out! We can deal with anything from blocked sewers to gas pipe fittings, leaky faucets to septic tank services. All done at a maximum of service and a minimum of cost, with a guarantee of great service!

Electrician North Wollongong

Are you finding your way around in the dark? Call ServiceMasters and we’ll light up your life again! We’ll also save you money by checking your wires, upgrading switchboards and installing surge protectors. We guarantee expert service, a good price and quality materials, every time. And we’re 24/7.

Renovations North Wollongong

Need to make way for a growing family? Relax! ServiceMasters will help you out with everything from design to keeping track of deadlines. We’ll secure quality materials and our expert renovators will guide you through the whole process. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the results!

Carpet Cleaning North Wollongong

Is your living room the centre of your household? Then you should call ServiceMasters to clean your carpet. We’ll get it spick and span and sanitized, to boot. Our carpet experts use top quality equipment and family-friendly detergents to ensure it’s all done properly, but we still charge a reasonable price.

Air-conditioning North Wollongong

Air conditioner not working? Better get ServiceMasters to fix it before summer! We’ll clean and repair it, but if it needs a complete overhaul, we’ll do that too. If you need a new one, we’ll consult with you on the best fit for you. We’ll also install it properly, rest assured.

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