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North Sydney

If you live in North Sydney and you’re looking for help around the house, look no further! ServiceMasters is here!

Plumbing North Sydney

Wake up to a wet floor this morning? Call ServiceMasters now at 1800 761 968 and we’ll help you plug the leak! Our expert plumbers will search the house for the problem and solve it immediately. We also handle exterior sewer blockages, septic tank servicing and gas pipe fittings. Ask us for a full list of services.

Electrician North Sydney

Tearing out your hair because you had a power surge and you didn’t save your work on the computer? ServiceMasters will save you from going bald! We’ll handle faulty wiring, change old switchboards and install power surge protectors so you’ll never face the problem again. The only thing we can’t do is retrieve your work.

Renovations North Sydney

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to perk you up. Make it a permanent change for the better by renovating with ServiceMasters. We’ll consult with you throughout the process to ensure that you get what you need with the best materials and at the best price.

Carpet Cleaning North Sydney

Does you favourite carpet look worn and faded? It might just need a good clean. ServiceMasters can wash any floor covering and we’ll use our top quality equipment and cleaning agents to ensure they’re spotless and fresh. We’ll sanitise them too. And the best part is, it’s all done at a reasonable price.

Air-conditioning North Sydney

Air conditioners need love too and we know and love them at ServiceMasters. If your air conditioner is acting up, maybe he needs a good clean, fix-up or overhaul. Our expert technicians will do it all with love and at a good price too. If your air conditioner is feeling over-worked, we can install a friend for him to share the load.

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