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North Strathfield, ServiceMasters is your new one-stop go-to shop if you need some home repairs done!

Plumbing North Strathfield

Leaky pipes are a huge hassle and they raise your water bill. Call us to check your pipes and plug the leak ASAP. Our expert plumbers also look into everything from blocked sewers and septic tank servicing to gas pipe fittings. We’ll make sure that you get the best materials and the best price for any job we do.

Electrician North Strathfield

Is everyone in your house stressed about the electricity? Call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968 and we’ll sort you out. Our team of electrician experts will look into faulty wiring, changing the switchboard and installing a surge protection unit. We’ll also make sure your appliances are working smoothly. And we’ll do it all at a good price just for you.

Renovations North Strathfield

Renovating your house for a change or better luck flow? We’re your guys! ServiceMasters will send our renovation experts over to consult with you from conception to completion and make sure the job goes smoothly. We guarantee the best materials, service and price!

Carpet Cleaning North Strathfield

If you have guests over a lot, your carpets will get very dirty. Spruce them up with again with ServiceMasters ! We’ll clean and sanitize any type of carpet, big or small using our top quality equipment and detergents, and we’ll do it and a reasonable price.

Air-conditioning North Strathfield

Melting down due to the summer heat outside? Your air conditioner might need a looking at. Call ServiceMasters and we’ll send over our air conditioning experts to clean, repair or overhaul your machine. And it it’s still not doing the job, as us for the best model for your needs and we’ll install it for you.

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