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ServiceMasters is on hand to do any home repair job for you, just call 1800 761 968 for hassle-free service now!

Plumbing Melrose Park

Are leaky pipes costing you money? ServiceMasters’ expert plumbers will fix them for you. They will find and fix any leaks in your house, unblock your drains or sewers, clean your septic tanks, fit new gas pipes, or even re-pipe your house … anything you need done, really! And all at a reasonable price.

Electrician Melrose Park

There are a few ways to save electricity and money and ServiceMasters knows all of them. The 3 main ways are to fix faulty wires, install a surge protector and upgrade your old switchboard. If you’re game, the most effective way is to rewire your whole house. Whatever it is, our expert electricians will do it efficiently and at an affordable rate.

Renovations Melrose Park

Sheryl Crow sang ‘A Change Will Do You Good’, and it’s true! So if you’re feeling a bit restless, call ServiceMasters and we’ll work with you to renovate your house. Our renovating experts will source for the best materials within your budget, keep to your specifications and keep the whole project going on track to completion.

Carpet Cleaning Melrose Park

Your children used to love hanging out on the carpet but recently they’ve complained that it’s smelly and itchy. Time to send it to ServiceMasters for a thorough wash and sanitisation! Our amazing cleaning agents and equipment will suck out all the dirt and pump new life in so that your children will love hanging out on your carpet again.

Air-conditioning Melrose Park

Air-conditioning should cool you down, not get you all hot and bothered. If it’s not doing its job, call ServiceMasters to come have at look at it. Our air-conditioning experts will clean or service your unit or give it a complete overhaul. If it’s still not running how it should, it might be time to install a new one.

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