Residents of Meadowbank, keep this number on you, you will need it some day! It’s 1800 761 968 and we’re ServiceMasters.

Plumbing Meadowbank

Water goes where it’s directed, so your homes plumbing system is very important. ServiceMasters have the know-how to reroute your homes pipes to be more efficient. We’ll also fix leaks and unblock drains or sewers so that water will flow where it needs to and not anywhere else.

Electrician Meadowbank

There are better ways to save electricity and money than trying to read in the dark. Call ServiceMasters to check for and fix faulty wires, upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector. All these energy saving steps will also save you money on your electricity bills, too.

Renovations Meadowbank

Change up your home with ServiceMasters and enjoy a new lease on life. Our renovating experts will walk with you through the whole process, from sourcing for quality materials to keeping to your budget. Most importantly, we’ll keep to your deadline and be done in time.

Carpet Cleaning Meadowbank

Between your dogs, cats and children, your carpet probably gets pretty dirty. Don’t stress about it, just send it to ServiceMasters and we’ll clean it right up. Using our top quality equipment and cleaning agents, we’ll get all the dirt, grime and allergens out, sanitising it too.

Air-conditioning Meadowbank

Is your air-conditioning not cooling you down as it should? ServiceMasters will send an air-conditioning expert to you to service, repair or overhaul your unit. If its still not doing it’s job, we can replace it or add another unit to compliment it. Whatever we do, we’ll charge reasonable rates for it, it’s a fact!

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