Relax and call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968, even in the middle of a home repair crisis. We can handle all of it for you, trust us!

Plumbing Mascot

Water leaks driving you insane? Time to call ServiceMasters! Our plumbing experts can fix them in no time, as well as deal with any other plumbing issue you have. Rerouting pipes, fitting gas pipes, unblocking sewers and drains, it’s all par for the course for our plumbing experts.

Electrician Mascot

Are the children screaming because the electricity shorted out in the middle of their favourite show? An expert electrician from ServiceMasters will be right over to fix the problem. We can help you avoid wasting electricity too, by identifying and fixing faulty wires, upgrading your switchboard and installing a surge protector.

Renovations Mascot

Just bought an old house and need to renovate it? ServiceMasters are the people to call! Our renovation experts have had years of experience with all sorts of renovation jobs, and we’ll know exactly what you’ll need just as soon as you share your plans with us. We’ll handle everything from sourcing materials to keeping the costs down. Leave it to us!

Carpet Cleaning Mascot

Are your carpets starting to smell? They can take on a musty odour after a while despite all your attempts to clean and freshen them up. Send them to ServiceMasters and we’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents to give them a thorough clean, and we’ll sanitise them to boot. You’ll love how fresh they smell when they come back!

Air-conditioning Mascot

Is your air conditioner on the fritz? Don’t be so fast to throw it away! ServiceMasters can send our air conditioning technicians over to clean, repair or give it a complete overhaul to see if we can revive it first. If you do need a new unit, we’ll find one best-suited to your needs and install for you.

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