Are things around your house giving you grief? Call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968! We’ll be right over to help you relax again.

Plumbing Marsfield

You’ll never face a leaky pipe again if you have ServiceMasters come re-pipe your house. Our expert plumbers deal with every plumbing issue from basic problems to septic tank cleaning, and we do it all at a reasonable cost. Our work is guaranteed to last since we use the best materials.

Electrician Marsfield

Electricity can get expensive if not properly managed. ServiceMasters can help you save money by having our expert electricians install a surge protector, upgrade your switchboard and identify electricity leaks to optimise your houses electricity use. You’ll save on your electricity bill, and we guarantee you’ll save money on our prices too.

Renovations Marsfield

Renovation could be a huge, uphill undertaking, but if you call ServiceMasters to work with you on it, it’s not a hassle at all. When our renovation experts do the job, rest assured you’re always getting the best service and materials. You also won’t have to keep track of the deadline, since we’re onto it.

Carpet Cleaning Marsfield

Dust and allergens live happily in your carpet despite any amount of vacuuming and cleaning. Send your carpet to ServiceMasters and we’ll give it a thorough clean and sanitisation with our top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and high-grade cleaning agents. If you can’t fit your carpet into your car, call us to come over!

Air-conditioning Marsfield

Air conditioners eventually start sucking energy, and could cause fires if you’re not lucky. It’s a good idea to call ServiceMasters’ air-conditioning experts over once in a while to clean or service your unit, or give it a complete overhaul. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes, and also at how it brought down your electricity bill.

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