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ServiceMasters are open all day, every day to help you with your home repair issues. Call 1800 761 968 today!

Plumbing Marsden Park

Does your water pressure fluctuate? Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not great? Call ServiceMasters in to discover and solve the problem. Our expert plumbers know pipes and they’ll be sure to handle any plumbing eventuality with professionalism. Be it an internal job or an external one, it’ll all be done at a reasonable rate, we promise!

Electrician Marsden Park

Did you just plug in your blender and blow out the whole houses electricity again? There’s definitely something wrong with your electricity system. ServiceMasters will send an expert electrician over to have a look at it right away. Why not have us redo your electricity system to be more energy efficient while we’re at it? Ask us how.

Renovations Marsden Park

Change things up in your home every once in a while to keep feeling upbeat and creative. Call ServiceMasters to send over one of our renovation experts to help spruce up your home. We don’t cut corners, we cut time, budget and hassle. And we’ll do it to your specifications.

Carpet Cleaning Marsden Park

Keep your family healthy by sending all you floor coverings in to ServiceMasters for a thorough cleaning every once in a while. We’ll banish dust and allergens with our top-of-the-range cleaning equipment and detergents, and we’ll even sanitise everything for you. You’ll get your carpets and rugs back looking and feeling fresh and clean.

Air-conditioning Marsden Park

Not keen to invite friends over because it’s just too darn hot in your house? ServiceMasters can clean, repair or overhaul your air conditioner to get it running nice and cool again. If you feel one unit just isn’t good enough for the job, we can source and install another unit to suit your needs.

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