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Plumbing Marrickville

If your water pressure is down, it’s hard to get anything done. Call ServiceMasters to send an expert plumber over to discover the problem. It might be a leaky pipe at the water source. You can ask them to check your whole plumbing system, while they’re at it. Any leaks end up costing you money.

Electrician Marrickville

If you’re planning a movie night at your home but suddenly the electricity goes out, don’t cancel just yet. Call ServiceMasters to come deal with the problem. Our electrical experts might be able to fix the issue before your friends come over. We can do it at a reasonable rate.

Renovations Marrickville

Are you thinking of extending your house to make more space? ServiceMasters will make the experience a pain-free one. Call our renovating experts to consult about the project and we’ll make sure all your specifications are met within your budget and timeline. Our charges are pain-free too!

Carpet Cleaning Marrickville

Carpets looking old and dull? We know you try your best to vacuum and clean them, but they really need a deep clean every once in a while. Send them to ServiceMasters and we’ll give them a real spa with the best equipment and cleaning agents. They’ll come back to you with their original vibrant colours.

Air-conditioning Marrickville

Trying to cool down in the crazy summer heat? We feel you! Call ServiceMasters over to clean, fix or overhaul your air conditioning unit if it doesn’t seem to be working right. If you’re still sweating indoors after the overhaul, tell us and we’ll set you up with a second unit that suits your needs.

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