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Plumbing Marayong

Save water and money by having ServiceMasters come check your plumbing system. Our expert plumbers will fix leaky pipes, unblock drains and tighten faucets to stop water wastage. If need be, we’ll re-pipe your whole house for more efficient water flow. We’ll do any job for a reasonable rate, just call us to find out!

Electrician Marayong

ServiceMasters can save you money on electricity too. Our electrical experts will identify and fix faulty wires, even rewire the house, if need be. We’ll upgrade the switchboard and install a surge protector too to save electricity. Your next month’s bill will be more manageable, that’s a guarantee.

Renovations Marayong

Looking for a change in scenery? Do up your home with ServiceMasters. Our renovation experts will look into every detail of the renovation for you and keep things going smoothly right to the deadline. We’ll consult with you on material sourcing and your specifications to make sure it’s all done right.

Carpet Cleaning Marayong

We know you love your cat, but you probably don’t love the fur all over your home, right? Your carpet tends to trap the most fur in its nap, so send it over to ServiceMasters for a good vacuum, clean and sanitisation. We use the best equipment and cleaning agents for the job and your carpets always come back fresh and fur-free.

Air-conditioning Marayong

After a long, cold winter, you’re probably looking forward to the nice warm days of summer, but did you forget how hot it can get? Get ready for the heat by having ServiceMasters come clean, repair or overhaul your air conditioner. You’ll be happy you did when summer rolls in.

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