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Home repair is what ServiceMasters does best. Call us at 1800 761 968 to take advantage of our expertise.

Plumbing Macquarie University

If you feel like it’s raining indoors, call ServiceMasters to root out the problem. We’ll check out your homes pipes to identify and fix the problem. Our plumbing experts can save you money too. Ask us to redo the pipes to route water where it needs to go.

Electrician Macquarie University

Badly directed electricity also drains the wallet, so call ServiceMasters to rectify your electrical problems. Our expert electricians will rewire faulty wires, upgrade old switchboards and install a surge protector to control electrical surges. You’ll be happy with your next bill, and you’ll be happy with our rates too!

Renovations Macquarie University

If you’re feeling sluggish and bored, maybe you should have your home renovated. A new environment will perk you up. Renovating with ServiceMasters will also perk you up when you see how easily and smoothly it can go. Put it in our hands and sit back!

Carpet Cleaning Macquarie University

You love your children and you love your pets but between the two of them they do horrible things to your carpets. Send your floor coverings to ServiceMasters and we’ll clean and sanitise them for you with the best equipment and child safe cleaning agents. You’ll get them back wonderfully clean and fresh.

Air-conditioning Macquarie University

You need your air-conditioning to keep you sane throughout the long, hot summers, but your air conditioning isn’t doing its job. ServiceMasters will service, fix or overhaul it to get it up and running again. And if you need a new one, we’ll source for the best fit for your needs.

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