Who should you call if you have any home repair job to be done? ServiceMasters! Our number is 1800 761 968.

Plumbing Kogarah

ServiceMasters can do any plumbing repair around your home. Our expert plumbers are equipped to deal with internal and external piping, plumbing system overhauls, drain or sewer unblocking or just basic plumbing work. We do it all at reasonable rates and with the best materials.

Electrician Kogarah

Has your electricity gone on the blink? No worries, ServiceMasters will be right over to help you out. We’ll reconnect your wires to get you up and running again. We can also help lower you electricity bills, get our expert electricians to check your wiring, upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector to do the trick.

Renovations Kogarah

If you’re tired of your boring old house, don’t move! Renovate with ServiceMasters and fall in love with your homestead again! We’ll check in with you at every step of the way to ensure that your specifications are met. We’ll source the best materials for you and we’ll keep an eye on your budget. We’ll definitely keep an eye on your deadline!

Carpet Cleaning Kogarah

Had a spill on the carpet? Don’t panic! Send it to ServiceMasters and we’ll get the stain right out with our top-quality equipment and high-grade cleaning agents. We’ll make sure there’s not a trace of the spill left on your carpet and we’ll sanitise it to boot.

Air-conditioning Kogarah

If you want to keep the sweat to the gym and track, make sure one of ServiceMasters air-conditioning experts comes over to clean, fix or overhaul your air conditioner to get it cool and efficient again. You’ll feel the difference immediately after they’re done. If you still need to cool down more, ask us to install a new unit too.

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