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Kogarah Bay, ServiceMasters is at your service! Call us at 1800 761 968 for your home repair needs.

Plumbing Kogarah Bay

ServiceMasters will tackle any plumbing problem you have, be it a simple leaky faucet to a complete plumbing overhaul. Whatever we do, it will save you money and also not cost to a pretty packet at our reasonable rates. And rest assured our plumbing experts will get the job done right.

Electrician Kogarah Bay

Electricity is supposed to be stable, so if yours is flickering and stuttering, there’s a problem. ServiceMasters’ expert electricians will check your home for the problem and fix it on the spot, day or night. This also saves you on your bill, by the way, as does a switchboard upgrade and a surge protector, which we can install for you.

Renovations Kogarah Bay

Does your house need a new lease on life? Renovate with ServiceMasters to make it a smooth hassle-free experience. We’ll work with you to ensure your specifications are being met, the best materials are being used, your budget is being kept to and the deadline is being met. Our prices aren’t too steep, so you can rest easy about that too.

Carpet Cleaning Kogarah Bay

ServiceMasters can clean and sanitise any sized carpet you may have, as well as carpets of any material or density. We can even handle high-end Persian rugs. Our powerful yet safe cleaning equipment and detergents are adjusted to suit your carpets materials to ensure a thorough yet safe clean every time.

Air-conditioning Kogarah Bay

Summer is here, you can feel it through the windows. Make sure the interior of your home remains cool and comfortable with a newly cleaned, repaired or overhauled air-conditioning unit. If you still don’t feel cool enough, we’ll install another unit to cool you down further.

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