ServiceMasters will do any home repair job you need, call us at 1800 761 968 and we’ll be right over.

Plumbing Kingsford

Is water leaking from your walls? It sounds serious, but don’t stress, ServiceMasters will be right over to help you with it. Our expert plumbers will discover the cause and solve the problem, be it leaky pipes or a completely burst one. We can also deal with minor plumbing issues like dripping taps and drain unblocking.

Electrician Kingsford

High electricity bills are scary, but ServiceMasters can help you deal with the issue. Call us and an expert electrician will come and check for faulty wires. We’ll also upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector to make sure electricity is being routed to the correct areas. Our bills won’t be scary, we’re sure of that!

Renovations Kingsford

Everybody thinks renovating your house is a tricky business, but ServiceMasters can make it a breeze. When our renovating experts do the job, they make sure you get the best materials while staying within your budget. They check in with you to see your specifications are being followed. And, best of all, they’ll make sure your deadline is kept.

Carpet Cleaning Kingsford

If your children love to roll around in the carpet, get it cleaned and sanitized by ServiceMasters every once in a while. We’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents to ensure it’s clean and allergen free. We can deal with any sized carpet, and any type of carpet too, even your expensive Persian rugs.

Air-conditioning Kingsford

We all love to come home to a nice cool house, so if your air conditioner is not doing it’s job, call ServiceMasters to come and check on it. We’ll service, repair or overhaul it to get it working again. If it’s past it’s prime, we can install a new one that suits your needs.

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