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Anything you need done around the house, ServiceMasters can do. We’re open 24/7 and our number is 1800 761 968.

Plumbing Kings Park

Your plumbing problems are ServiceMasters’ expert plumbers’ walks in the park. Not that they take your problems lightly, it’s just that they can handle any plumbing problem thrown at them. Sewer unblocking, septic tank serving, re-piping; all non-issues. That’s why they can charge such a reasonable price!

Electrician Kings Park

Want to know how to save money on your electricity bill? Call our expert electricians to come to your house. They’ll check for faulty wires, upgrade your switchboards and install surge protectors to ensure stray electricity doesn’t leak out. They’ll also give you tips on how to save energy. It’s all done at a reasonable rate just for you!

Renovations Kings Park

If you’re expanding your house, look no further than ServiceMasters. Our expert renovators have the know-how to do a beautiful job of it while keeping within the given budget and timeframe. We’ll meticulously source for the best materials, check in with you regularly and make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning Kings Park

If you love pets, you’ll know that their fur and smell gets anywhere and everywhere in the house, especially the floor coverings. Send your carpets and rugs to ServiceMasters for a deep clean and sanitization and we’ll treat them with the best equipment and cleaning agents. They’ll get back to you clean, odourless and furless, that’s a guarantee.

Air-conditioning Kings Park

Air conditioners need to be cleaned and serviced every once in a while, so get ServiceMasters over to do it for you. Our air conditioner experts will make sure your unit is running smoothly in time for the hot summer days ahead, but if it’s still too hot when summer hits, call us back to install another one for you.

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