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Kings Langley

Kings Langley, ServiceMasters is now in your neighbourhood! Your one-stop home-repair shop can cater to your needs 24/7, just call us at 1800 761 968.

Plumbing Kings Langley

ServiceMasters can handle all your plumbing needs, be they leaks, septic tank services, drain blockages or gas pipe fittings. Our expert plumbers deal with all the jobs with the same professionalism and know-how, and they always use the best materials. You also won’t be paying a bomb for our services, these are our guarantees.

Electrician Kings Langley

Finding yourself in the dark a lot? You’d better call ServiceMasters to come check your electrical system. It could be faulty wiring, an old switchboard or electricity surges, all of which are inconvenient and cost you money on your bill. Our expert electricians will rectify the problem, whatever it is, and we’ll charge you reasonable rates to do it.

Renovations Kings Langley

In a slump and down in the dumps? Despair no more! Renovate your living space with ServiceMasters and you’ll have a new outlook on life. You’ll be proud of your beautifully renovated home and secure in the knowledge that it was done with the best materials, by the best renovators, and at the best prices.

Carpet Cleaning Kings Langley

Your new baby is such a sweet little thing, but she’s sneezing non-stop! It could be dust and allergens trapped in your carpet which is very hard to clean properly. Don’t stress, send it to ServiceMasters and we’ll give it a deep clean and sanitization with the best equipment and cleaning agents and enjoy your baby’s gurgles again.

Air-conditioning Kings Langley

Unless you’re on holiday in Bali, you don’t really want to be feeling hot, hot, hot, right? Get ServiceMasters to come clean, fix or overhaul your air conditioner and get it running smoothly again. We’ll also install a new unit if you feel one still doesn’t do the job.

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