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Killarney Heights

Sick of your wife nagging you to do work around the house? Call ServiceMasters to do it at 1800 761 968!

Plumbing Killarney Heights

Is your water bill drowning you? Get ServiceMasters to plug up the leaks in your pipes so precious water and money isn’t going down the drain. We’ll re-pipe your whole house if need be, to achieve the most efficient water flow and reduce wastage. We’ll also unblock drains and service your septic tanks because a clean system is a system that works.

Electrician Killarney Heights

The lights are flickering AGAIN! All these power surges push up your bill. Our expert electricians will solve the problem by installing a power surge protector. They will also upgrade your switchboard, check for electricity leaks and fix any faulty wiring around the house. All in the name of saving you money.

Renovations Killarney Heights

Renovations can be fun if they’re done professionally. Imagine walking into your house or a room every day and seeing beautiful changes being made. Renovate with ServiceMasters and that’s exactly what you’ll experience. You’ll also experience being updated regularly, consulted on specifications and materials, and the joy of seeing the job done on time.

Carpet Cleaning Killarney Heights

Carpet cleaning is not easily done by hand; you can never vacuum out all the dirt and allergens that lurk deep beneath the pile. Send your carpets to ServiceMasters and we’ll get deep in there with the best equipment and cleaning agents to really extract and banish the dust. Your carpets will come back to you fresh, clean and sanitized.

Air-conditioning Killarney Heights

If you can’t think straight because your brain is melting, call ServiceMasters to help. We’ll send over our air-conditioning experts to clean, fix or overhaul your air conditioner so it works better to cool you down. If one unit isn’t cutting it, we’ll set you up with another one.

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