Have various home repair jobs to do? You don’t need to Goggle, just call ServiceMasters at 1800 761 968 and we bet we can handle whatever you need.

Plumbing Kentlyn

Suddenly see water leaking from you wall? Don’t call TAPS, it’s not a ghost. It’s a plumbing problem, so call ServiceMasters. One of our expert plumbers will locate and fix the problem and check your plumbing to be sure it doesn’t happen again. We do everything for a reasonable rate, so there’s no need to freak out over that, either.

Electrician Kentlyn

High electricity bills means you can’t take your family on that holiday this year. Or does it? Get ServiceMasters in to locate and fix the problem now, and we just might save you enough money to go anyway. We’ll fix up faulty wires, upgrade your switchboard and install surge protectors and you’ll see the difference immediately, we promise!

Renovations Kentlyn

Renovating your house for a change or better luck flow? ServiceMasters will send our renovation experts over to consult with you all the way. They will make sure the job goes smoothly from conception to completion, and they’ll guarantee the best materials, service and price! All you’ll need to do is tap into that positive energy flowing through after the job’s complete!

Carpet Cleaning Kentlyn

Your children love to play-fight in the carpet, right? Get it cleaned and sanitized every once in a while at ServiceMasters. We’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents to clean and sanitize it so that it comes back to your clean, fresh and allergen free. Our prices are reasonable, so come over now!

Air-conditioning Kentlyn

Is the summer heat getting too oppressive? Get ServiceMasters to send over an air-conditioning expert now and we’ll clean, repair or completely overhaul your unit to get it cooling you down again. If one unit still isn’t enough, we’ll install the best unit to bolster your needs.

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