ServiceMasters are the people to call for any home repair job. Give us a shout at 1800 761 968 and see what you can do for you!

Plumbing Kensington

If you find yourself flooded out, ServiceMasters will come to your rescue. We’ll locate and plug up the leak or change the burst pipe just as soon as you call. We can also save you money by re-piping your house to catch any escaping water. The best part? You also save on our reasonable charges!

Electrician Kensington

We get a buzz out of saving money for you … on electricity bills, that is. Call our expert electricians in and we’ll fix faulty wires, change your switchboard and install a surge protector so you make better use of electricity. We won’t charge an exorbitant fee, either.

Renovations Kensington

Feeling down and bored? Call ServiceMasters and we’ll fix you up with a home renovation that will brighten your day. Our expert renovators will work with you every step of the way from sourcing materials to keeping to your specifications. And we’ll brighten you up with our reasonable prices too!

Carpet Cleaning Kensington

Just had a big party? The cleaning up would normally be a hassle, but if you send your floor coverings to ServiceMasters, we’ll deal with the most troublesome part of it. We’ll use the best equipment and cleaning agents to spruce up and sanitize your carpets and return them soft, fluffy and food free.

Air-conditioning Kensington

Unless you like sweating it out at home, air conditioning is essential in the hot summer months. Get ServiceMasters in to check your air conditioner before summer comes and we’ll clean, repair or overhaul it so that is ready for your use. One air conditioner not cool enough? We’ll install another unit best suited to your needs.

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