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Kemps Creek

Call ServiceMasters if you need something done around the house. Our number is 1800 761 968.

Plumbing Kemps Creek

Plumbing issues can hit you like a tidal flood but ServiceMasters can be your life raft. Our expert plumbers will plug the leaks, re-pipe old pipes, unblock drains and fit gas pipes, do any plumbing job you need. We won’t flood you with our bill, either, just our excellent service.

Electrician Kemps Creek

Getting a shock from your electricity bills? Call ServiceMasters and our expert electricians will check you house for faulty wires and electricity leaks. We’ll upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protector. When we’re done, your bills won’t shock you anymore, and neither will yours. That’s what we guarantee.

Renovations Kemps Creek

Renovating your home? You call ServiceMasters to do the job for you. We guarantee quality service every step of the way, as well as regular check-ins to update you. Our expert renovators ensure well-sourced materials and well-observed specifications, and we ensure it’s all done on time. We also ensure you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Carpet Cleaning Kemps Creek

Are you floor coverings looking a bit shabby and threadbare? Send them to ServiceMasters and we’ll clean and sanitize them for you with the best equipment and cleaning agents. You’ll get your carpets back with their colour and fluff, minus the dirt and allergens. We can handle any size or type of carpet, even expensive Persians.

Air-conditioning Kemps Creek

Indoor sweating should be confined to the gym or sauna. If you find yourself sweating at home, it’s time to call ServiceMasters to send an air-conditioning expert over. They will clean, repair or overhaul your unit. If a new one is required, they will source and install an appropriate one. Our charges won’t make you sweat, either!

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