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ServiceMasters are here to do any home repair job you need, just call us at 1800 761 968.

Plumbing Kembla Grange

Been nagging your husband to fix that leaky faucet for months? Never mind, call ServiceMasters instead. Our expert plumbers will come day or night and fix the problem, as well as any other plumbing issues you might have. That includes septic tank cleaning, unblocking clogged drains, and fitting gas pipes. We’ll do it all for a reasonable fee too.

Electrician Kembla Grange

Electricity problems are no joke but don’t worry, ServiceMasters don’t take them lightly either. Call us to come check out your electricity system and we’ll fix your faulty wires, upgrade your switchboard and install a surge protection unit so your bills won’t be as crazy anymore. And our bill isn’t high either, we charge a reasonable rate.

Renovations Kembla Grange

Renovations are a breeze with ServiceMasters. Our expert renovators will work with you to achieve your specifications to your satisfaction. We’ll source the best materials and keep within your budget, and, best of all, we’ll get it done in time! We won’t charge a bomb for our services, either.

Carpet Cleaning Kembla Grange

Send your carpets to ServiceMasters to clean and we’ll send them back clean and sanitized. With our range of the best equipment and cleaning agents, we can tackle any sized floor covering and any kind of carpet, even your high – end Persians. We’ll do it for a reasonable fee, too!

Air-conditioning Kembla Grange

Air conditioning is definitely needed on those hot summer nights when you are trying to sleep. ServiceMasters are the people to turn to. Call us and we’ll service, repair or overhaul your unit so that it will perform at its best when you most need it. And if 1 air conditioner isn’t enough, we can install another one that suits your needs.

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